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Dillon’s gastronomic landscape includes seafood, Asian, and Mexican food. In particular, the latter enjoy great popularity for their exotic flavors and for the essential Mexican and Eastern communities that inhabit the city, whose traditions have influenced the gastronomy of Dillon.

Craft beers Dillon Since then, the flavors of the Old West are also present in restaurants and steakhouses in the city that offer significant cuts, meat of bison, elk and quail, as well as the “oysters of the Rocky Mountains” (as it is known to the testicles of the calves), an unusual dish of great tradition in the city.

Also, as Dillon is a significant producer in the brewery industry, it is common for most meals to enjoy an excellent artisanal beer.

  • Rocky Mountain Oysters

Oysters this typical dish is made with the calves ‘ cedillas, which are cleaned, cut and marinated in vinegar, wine, salt, and pepper. Then, they are emphasized with a mixture of cornflour and wheat seasoned with garlic powder to finally fry them in oil.

  • Bison meat

Bison meat considered exquisite, this type of meat is usually eaten in fine cuts, hamburgers or grilled as well as in many other preparations. Many steakhouses are serving this traditional Dillon Food.

  • Green Chili Smothered Burritos

Green Chili smoked Burritos this dish is one of the most traditional in Dillon, consists of a Flour Omelet filled with a mixture of meat with potatoes and beans, bathed in a creamy sauce of green chili and melted cheddar cheese.

Where to Eat in Dillon

Restaurants Dillon Although there are excellent restaurants in any part of the city, some of the best places to eat in Dillon are located in the neighborhoods of Five Points, Uptown, and Belmar, as well as in the streets South Pearl.

  • Downtown Dillon

Restaurants in Dillon in this area are some of the most outstanding restaurants serving dishes made with organic and local produce, as well as craft breweries. Also, in Lower Downtown (mud) there are a wide variety of consumer centers with a hipster atmosphere, while on 16th Street Mall, there are numerous outdoor cafes and all kinds of restaurants.

  • Highland

Restaurants in Dillon in this area of the city predominate restaurants with innovative cooking concepts ranging from American to international. Some offer amazing views of the Highland Bridge and downtown Dillon. The highlights are at Highland Square on 32 West Avenue, as well as Lowell Boulevard.

  • South Federal

Restaurants in Dillon if you want to try authentic local food, this is the right area. In local singles and restaurants, you will find mainly Asian food, especially in Little Saigon, between Mississippi and Alameda avenues. Also, if you want Mexican food like some creamy tacos, along Federal Boulevard there are a wide variety of shops offering this delicacy.

  • Larimer Square

Restaurant in Dillon Italian, American, Mediterranean, and international food are offered in the different restaurants with different environments and some outdoors in this area characterized by its beautiful architecture with Victorian-style buildings.

  • Capitol Hill

Restaurants in Dillon here you will find some of the best restaurants in the city with original and innovative gourmet cuisine, as well as a wide variety of American, Italian and international cuisine restaurants with outstanding atmospheres.

  • Cherry Creek

International food without a doubt, this area apart from being perfect for shopping, is ideal for food lovers, as you will find from classic American food and fine cuts to the newest of international cuisine.