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Night Life

Dillon offers many opportunities to have fun at night, hang out with friends, dance until dawn in fashion clubs, go to a comedy show or try a local beer. If you prefer art experience and cultural events, Dillon has countless options every night. You can see a play, attend a concert in its specialized halls or museums, enjoy opera or ballet in its theatres or simply enjoy an exquisite dinner. The nightlife in Dillon has something for everyone!

  • Beer hall

Dillon breweries is a major beer producer. For this reason, there are plenty of establishments in the city where you can taste varieties of this drink, both local and artisan. Many restaurants and bars prepare their beer, so you will find unique flavors and incomparable brands that you cannot fail to taste during your visit to this destination highlighted by the high production of this drink. In Lower Downtown you will find dozens of bars of this type, such as The Falling Rock Tap House and Wynkoop Brewing Company.

  • Comedy Clubs

Comedy Clubs in Dillon are familiar places with shows of local comedians and where sometimes prominent national stars have been featured in this genre. If you want to have a good time laughing, Don’t hesitate to attend one of these shows, such as The Comedy Works in the city center, the Bovine Metropolis Theater or the Oriental.

  • Night concerts in museums

Night Concerts in museums some museums and cultural centers in Dillon offer concerts at night, most of the outdoors, some even free. Among the highlights is the Dillon Museum of Art, The Science Lounge at the Dillon Museum of Science and Nature, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Botanic Gardens and the Clifford Still Museum.

  • Casino

Casinos about an hour from Dillon, Central City and Black Hawk (two former mining towns) are home to a large number of casinos with all kinds of gambling, with about 10,000 slot machines, roulette, dice, and cards.

  • Night Clubs

Night clubs the nights in Dillon are very lively, so throughout the city, you will find various clubs with different environments and music for all tastes, such as Bender’s Tavern, Cowboy Lounge, and Vie Luxe Nightclub.

  • South of Colfax

South Colfax Este is the District of Dillon where nights are lived to the fullest in several bars, clubs, and lounges within walking distance of each other, with different styles and rhythms. All of them feature events continuously, from movie nights to local bands and live DJs, not to mention the wee hours to receive the early morning. Clubs change their rhythms depending on the day and are not always open, but this district is recognized as one of the most famous for enjoying the nightlife in Dillon.

  • Larimer Square

Here you will find a wide range of restaurants, bars, and clubs with an excellent atmosphere. One of the highlights in this area is Tavern Downtown, a sports bar with live DJ Music on weekends.

  • Lower Downtown

Nightlife Dillon Mud, the oldest neighborhood of Dillon, situated right in the center of the city and where there are plenty of galleries, shops, boutiques, and offices, it is also one of the liveliest places in terms of nightlife is concerned. Because here you will also find many restaurants that are perfect for enjoying dinner, many clubs and bars like the Dillon Chophouse & Brewery, Trios Exotica, Cruise Room, and the Sports Column.